The Digital Media Project






Work plan





Work plan



Area of work


1.      Establish and manage DMP infrastructure


a.       Content Registration Authority

Moving from NIA to KOCCA

b.      Device Certification Authority

Must be set up

2.      Development of new technologies for new IDP-3.3


3.      Open Media Marketplace

WD 1.0

4.      Extend Chillout


a.         Refactoring of Chillout based on MXM

Being done as part of MXM (dmp1259)

b.         Add support to hardware-based security (TCP/TPM, USB keys)

PKU working on it. Next meeting?

c.         Develop PDI Authoring Tool with LASeR Authoring

First result (dmp1261)

d.         Stream-based presentation of time-stamped objects

PKU will make problem statement

5.      Promote Chillout


a.         Make Chillout the primary platform for the industry

Action to be made after MXM matures further

6.      Conceive, deploy and experiment with innovative and experimental services


a.         WIM TV

Instances in

1.      Beijing

2.      Lausanne

3.      Torino

b.         Open Media Marketplace demo

In October 2010

c.         Demonstrations of TRU mappings

Investigation of development of a trail of Alternative Compensation System

7.      Development of conformance bitstreams for AD #8


8.      Cooperate with MPEG


a.         Contribute Chillout code as MXM engines to MPEG

DMP is a major source of MXM engines

b.         Develop MSAF 2nd edition

CD approved

c.         Contribute to Advanced IPTV Terminal (AIT)

1.      Major proposals re-orienting AIT work done in London and Xi’an

2.      Coordination of a response to MPEG AIT CfP

3.      Promote DMP


a.       University courses

1.      Has been happening at EPFL for several years

2.      Possibly Stanford

3.      Master degree conferred to Chillout fan at Chinese Academy of Science

4.      Course at PKU

5.      Exchanges of lecture material using WIM TV?

6.      Promotion of DMP lectures in other universities is an open task

b.      Publications (beyond technical specifications)

Paper to CC workshop in Torino – done

c.       Workshops


7.      Seek financial support to achieve specific goals via public initiatives


8.      Engage with other organisations to further DMP goals


9.      Promote DMP to the marketplace