The Digital Media Project

Results of 24th DMP General Assembly (GA24)

  1. DMP has approved WD 2.0 of version 3.3. of the IDP (AD #2 and AD #3)
  2. DMP has reviewed two major contributions developed by the DMP ad hoc group to Open Media Marketplace (OMM) specification
    1. Open Media Marketplace basics
    2. Use case based testing of OMM Basic Services
  3. DMP has sent the two documents to MPEG and held a joint meeting with the MPEG Ad Hoc group on Advanced IPTV Terminal
  4. DMP has approved its work plan calling for an implementation of the OMM specification in October 2010
  5. DMP has adopted its logo
  6. DMP has approved the Xi'an press release
  7. The Next General Assembly (GA25) will be held at
    1. Kyoto, (JP) 2010/01/23