The Digital Media Project

Results of 22nd DMP General Assembly (GA22)

  1. The membership has agreed to extend DMP for another 5-year term
  2. Touradj Ebrahimi (EPFL) has been elected as DMP Director in addition to Marina Bosi, Leonardo Chiariglione, Marc Gauvin, Jinwoo Hong and Tiejun Huang
  3. DMP will issue a "Call for DMP logo". The winner will be selected by GA23 in London and be awarded 300 CHF
  4. DMP will open groups on LinkedIn and Facebook
  5. DMP has produced a preliminary working draft of the Open Media Marketplace 
  6. DMP welcomes the addition of 2 more WIM TV sites, in Lausanne and Torino. the WIM TV software is available from Chillout
  7. DMP welcomes the 2nd edition of the MPEG Media Streaming Application Format (MSAF). DMP notes that WIM TV is an implementation of MSAF
  8. DMP has approved its work plan
  9. Maui press release
  10. The Next General Assembly will be held at
    1. London, (UK) 2009/06/26-27