The Digital Media Project

Results of 21st DMP General Assembly (GA21)

  1. Development of the document Five years of DMP: achievements and plans with
    1. Results achieved by the DMP in its 5 years
    2. Objectives for the next 5 years
  2. The Board has been asked to seek support from the membership to extend the term of the DMP to another 5 years
  3. A Vision of Chillout as the primary MXM platform for the industry has been developed
  4. DMP members are asked to
    1. Support extending the Media Streaming Application Format (MSAF) with LASeR and DID PSI to make WIM TV conforming to MSAF
    2. Donate the WIM TV software to ISO/IEC as MSAF Reference Software
  5. DMP is working on a new and improved version of WIM TV (WIM TV 2.0) to be deployed in July in Switzerland. This will include a simple LASeR Authoring Tool (LAT)
  6. DMP members are asked to study Open Media Marketplace (OMM)  as an interesting candidate for development in the next 5-year term
  7. Lausanne press release
  8. The Next General Assembly will be held at
    1. Maui, HI (US) 2009/04/25-26