The Digital Media Project

Results of 20th DMP General Assembly (GA20)

  1. Approval of IDP-3.2
  2. Assignment to ISO of the right to use Chillout as reference software for the MPEG eXtensible Middleware standard
  3. Plan to maintain Chillout keeping harmonisation with the MXM reference software
  4. Review of the results of the the WIM TV trial at Beijing Olympics with an assessment and future plans
  5. Discussion on a project to extend the IDP with e-commerce solutions
  6. Appointment of National Information Agency of Korea as Content Registration Authority
  7. Issuing of Call for Participation in the DMP Device Certification Authority
  8. Response to the European Commission Green Paper
  9. Daejeon press release
  10. Next General Assemblies will be
    1. Lausanne (CH) 2009/01/30-31