The Digital Media Project

Results of 19th DMP General Assembly (GA19)

  1. DMP has approved WD2.0 of AD #2 and AD #3 of IDP-3.2 with improved features
    1. Extensions of Domain Management Protocols
    2. Local Domain Discovery Protocol
    3. Protocol to query the RRD ontology
    4. WSDL
    5. Generic interface with payment systems
  2. DMP will hold the WIM TV trial at Beijing Olympics starting on the 25th of July
  3. 27 individuals, 1/3 of which DMP members, have submitted a proposal in response to the MPEG eXtensible Middleware (MXM) Call for Proposals
  4. sDae and UPC have made a proposal in response to the MPEG Media Value Chain Ontology (MVCO) Call for Proposals. This improves and extends the proposal submitted to the DMP and modified for incorporation in IDP.
  5. DMP has approved its work plan
  6. See the Turin press release
  7. Next General Assemblies will be
    1. Asia (CN or KR) 2008/10/08-10