The Digital Media Project  






Work plan



Work plan

  1. New technologies for IDP-3.2 (AD #3)
    1. Protocol to query the RRD ontology
    2. WSDL specification of protocols
  2. Chillout extensions for IDP-3.2 (AD #7)
    1. Extension of reference software for
      1. Core Library
      2. Auxiliary Library
      3. Applications
    2. Support for hardware-based security (TCP/TPM, USB keys)
    3. Review the Chillout architecture to support non-DMP technologies (media, transport mechanisms such as p2p, special players such as SonicVisualiser etc.)
  3. Demonstration software for IDP-3.2 AD #7 (or AD #10) for
    1. Media Streaming MAF
    2. Others
  4. Development of conformance bitstreams for AD #8
  5. Proposal of DMP technologies and solutions to standards bodies
    1. Chillout for MPEG eXtensible Middleware
    2. RRD for Media Value Chain Ontology
  6. 6.      Experiments with Chillout-enabled applications
    1. BRYVAC
  7. 7.      Promotion of DMP
    1. The WIM TV trial at Beijing Olympics (dmp1097)
  8. 8.      Engage with other organisations to further DMP goals
    1. Kendra
  9. 9.      Establish DMP infrastructure
    1. Content Registration Authority
    2. Device Certification Authority

The timing to deliver the above work items is TBD