The Digital Media Project

Results of 17th DMP General Assembly (GA17)

  1. DMP has approved IDP-3.1 with improved features (extensions of Domain Management Protocols and others)
  2. DMP requests contributions on the following topics for a possible IDP-3.2
    1. WSDL specification of protocols
    2. Full specification of Protocol to query roles
    3. A revision of the Chillout architecture that includes non-DMP technologies (media, transport mechanisms such as P2P, etc.)
  3. DMP is engaged in the following trial activities
    1. BRYVAC (dmp1108)
    2. WIM TV trial at the Beijing Olympics
  4. DMP notes with pleasure that other organisations are building applications on top of Chillout (dmp1089, dmp1090)
  5. DMP is following with great interest the MPEG eXtensible Middleware standardisation project. The email reflector will be used to develop requirements for MXM to be submitted to the next MPEG meeting
  6. DMP has produced a response to the European Commission “Creative Content Online” consultation
  7. DMP has held a very successful presentation of its results and prospects at Queem Mary University of London. Aplan to work together with other organisations sharing DMP's goals has been worked out
  8. Next General Assemblies will be
    1. Lausanne 2008/04/26-27
    2. Hannover 2008/07/19-20