The Digital Media Project

Results of 15th DMP General Assembly (GA15)

  1. DMP has published IDP-3.0. This includes revised and extended versions of AD #1 to AD #6 and, for the first time since April 2004 when IDP-1 was approved, AD #7 (Reference Software), AD #8 (End-to-End Conformance) and AD #9 (TRU mapping) to the digital space. AD #3, AD #7 and AD #8 are still being edited




    Approved Document No. 1 – Technical Reference: Value-Chain Functions and Requirements, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 2 – Technical Reference: Architecture, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 3 – Technical Specification: Interoperable DRM Platform, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 4 – Technical Specification: Use Cases and Value Chains, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 5 – Technical Specification: Certification and Registration Authorities, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 6 – Technical Reference: Terminology, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 7 – Technical Specification: Reference software, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 8 – Recommended Practice: End-to-End Conformance, Version 3.0


    Approved Document No. 9 – Recommended Action: Mapping of Traditional Rights and Usages to the digital space, Version 3.0


  2. DMP has issued a Call for additional technologies to be added to IDP-3.0

  3. Chillout will be enriched with a full range of servers (DID, CID, CPD, LPD, TPD, DMD) and two end systems (CCD and SAV) for DMP members and community to experiment with in setting up and running value chains. Expected availability date: 15 October 2007

  4. The CCD and SAV will be based on the new Java/C++ architecture capable of incorporating the best media players

  5. DMP is excited by the news that Digital Media in Italia is engaged in Open Source implementations of Use Case and Value Chain No. 6 – Controlled Peer-to-Peer Distribution (AD #4) and Solution case #3 of Use Case #4 – Time shift TRU (AD #9), along with the porting of Chillout on a number of commercially available devices

  6. While negotiations to establish the DMP Content Registration Authority continues, DMP has produced the first Draft Call for Participation in the DMP Device Certification Authority (dmp1038)

  7. Next General Assemblies