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DMP publishes version 3.0 of its specification (Turin Press Release)





DMP publishes version 3.0 of its specification



Turin, Italy, 20 July 2007 – Celebrating the 4th anniversary of the beginning of its activities, the fifteenth General Assembly (GA15) of the international Digital Media Project (DMP), has approved today the latest version of its Interoperable Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform (IDP). Currently at version 3.0, the specification represents a major achievement as it provides all standard DRM technologies that are required by most practical DRM uses in an integrated platform.


Major features of IDP-3.0 are the possibility to design value chains that support a broad variety of business models, the availability of Open Source Reference Software, the availability of procedures and suites to test the implementation of a device for conformance, and examples of support of Traditional Rights and Usages (TRU) in an IDP-enabled DRM environment.


Called Chillout®, the DMP Reference Software is a Java implementation of IDP-2.1, released as Open Source Software under the Mozilla Public Licence V.1.1. Chillout® is constantly improved by a growing community that currently counts members from China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Portugal, Spain and other countries. Parts of Chillout® are also being developed in other programming languages. The Subversion server holding the code base is hosted by the Chinese Academy of Science in Beijing.


The next DMP General Assembly (GA16) will be held in October 2007 in Shenzhen, China. The main goals for that meeting will be to continue improving Chillout® and conformance testing, and to begin the process that will lead to the appointment of the Device Certification and Identification Authorities.


The Digital Media Project was chartered as a non-profit organisation on 1 December 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland, continuing the visionary work of the Digital Media Manifesto. Its mission is to promote the successful development, deployment, and use of digital media, while safeguarding the rights of creators and rights holders to exploit their works, the wishes of end users to enjoy fully the benefits of digital media, and the interests of value-chain players providing products and services.


The DMP’s Board of Directors is: Marina Bosi (MPEG LA, LLC, USA), Leonardo Chiariglione (, Italy), Domenico Di Martino (Telecom Italia, Italy), Nigel Earnshaw (BBC, UK), Marc Gauvin (Sociedad Digital de Autores y Editores, Spain), Jinwoo Hong (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea) and Tiejun Huang (Peking University, China).



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