The Digital Media Project

Results of 14th DMP General Assembly (GA14)

  1. DMP has made another step in implementing its mission: it is now possible to join DMP as individuals
  2. DMP has published IDP-2.1
  3. DMP has produced WD 1.0 of IDP-3.0 and plans to publish it in final version at GA15
  4. DMP is calling for a thorough study of Domain functionalities to be added to IDP-2.1

  5. DMP has received excellent submissions in response to its Call for Participation in the selection of the DMP Content Registration Authority

  6. The DMP Board is negotiating with the proponents and hopes to be able to propose to GA15 the appointment of the Authority

  7. The Chillout community has produced an impressive Chillout-based demo for the MAF Awareness Event organised by MPEG in San Josť, CA on 2007/04/28

  8. The MS MAF demo comprises: CCD, CPD, LPD, DMD, SAV and can be downloaded from

  9. DMP has identified the following items for its future work

    1. Complete the IDP specification
    2. Progress Chillout by
      1. Implementing all the IDP functionalities
      2. Making an example Chillout implementation on top of a Trusted Computing Platform
      3. Make a C++ implementation of a SAV for the purpose of facilitating integration with existing C++ media players
    3. Show the value of DMP specifications
    4. Complete the establishment of the DMP governance. The first step is the appointment of the Content Registration Authority, to be followed by the appointment of the Device Certification and Registration Authority
    5. Promote the deployment of a broad range of DMP Devices
    6. Proactively support TRUs
  10. Next General Assemblies