The Digital Media Project

Results of 13th DMP General Assembly (GA13)

  1. In response to the mature state of the IDP specification and the need to cater to increased needs for maintenance and reduced needs for technology extension, DMP has adopted a new policy to name its specification
    1. Major releases are called IDP-x (for significant new technologies/updates)
    2. Minor releases are called IDP-x.y (for minor additions/maintenance, mostly from Chillout development)
  2. DMP has approved IDP-2.1. Main elements are
    1. AD #2
      1. DRM Processor - Resource Processor interface figure added
      2. Relationship between Trusted Computing Platform and Chillout added
    2. AD #3
      1. Alignment with MPEG evolution
        1. Media Streaming MAF
        2. DAC and ORC profile
      2. Rights Data ontology added
      3. Support for other Device Authentication methods added
      4. Alignment with Protocols to Chillout development
    3. AD #4
      1. Extensions/clarifications/examples in existing Use Cases
      2. Major new Use Cases added
    4. AD #5
      1. Review for Call for Participation in the selection of the DMP Content Registration Authority
    5. Documents are still being edited as per dmp0924
  3. DMP has issued a Call for proposals for additional DMP technologies (dmp0928)
    1. Protocols for Content Creation Device
    2. Carriage of additional information in DMP Protocols
    3. Event reporting
    4. Requirements for a possible Transact Protocol
  4. The Chillout development plan has been updated
  5. DMP has made the first step in creating the DMP governance infrastructure by issuing the Call for Participation in the selection of the DMP Content Registration Authority

  6. DMP plans to participate in exhibitions and trade shows. The first will be the MAF Awareness Event organised by MPEG in San Josť, CA on 2007/04/28 where the full chain of Media Streaming MAF will be shown

  7. Next General Assemblies