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Press Release



Lausanne, Switzerland, 28/04/06 – The international Digital Media Project (DMP) concluded its tenth general assembly (GA10) today, approving the first set of working drafts of Interoperable Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform, Phase III (IDP-3) specification. IDP-3 will enhance the open, interoperable, and scalable platform of the previous specification (IDP-2) with such features as rights data ontology, license negotiation, tools to design value chains and others.


The meeting also kicked off the development of the IDP reference software. An international team of developers was set up under the leadership of Tiejun Huang (University of Peking) and Takuyo Kogure (University of Tokyo). Substantial progress was made at the Lausanne meeting but the aggressive plan of development (October 2006 is the target date) prompted the need to hold a dedicated meeting of the team in Beijing, China in early June.


GA10 also produced the first drafts of two important specifications. The first is End-to-End Conformance, a document that will provide the tools to test and implementation of content, device and value chains for conformance to the DMP specifications. The ability to perform such test is key to support the DMP vision of interoperable value chains. The document will provide test suites and reference implementations of key devices based on the reference software to help users of the DMP specifications to test content and devices for conformance.


The second new draft produced by the meeting “Mapping of Traditional Rights and Usages (TRU) to the digital space” is a first implementation of the vision originally set by the Digital Media Manifesto. The DMP feels solutions based on its IDP technologies that do not support TRUs could be seen as a poor proposition because of the inferior experience compared to the analogue or the current digital one. Furthermore the process of TRU mapping will lead to discovering new innovative ways of using media. The draft provides examples of both plain TRU support and TRU-inspired digital media business models.


The next DMP General Assembly (GA10) will be held in July 2006 in the Bay Area and will make progress on IDP-3 specification, reference software, conformance and TRU mapping.


DMP plans to finalise the new set of IDP specifications at the October 2006 meeting in Beijing.


The Digital Media Project was chartered as a non-profit organization on 1 December 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland. Its mission: to introduce an integrated body of technical standards promoting the successful development, deployment, and use of digital media, while safeguarding the rights of creators and rights holders to exploit their works, the wishes of end users to enjoy fully the benefits of digital media, and the interests of value-chain players providing products and services.


The DMP’s Board of Directors is: Marina Bosi (MPEG LA, LLC, USA), Leonardo Chiariglione (CEDEO, Italy), Thomas Aidan Curran (Enterprise of the Future, USA), Domenico Di Martino (Telecom Italia, Italy), Nigel Earnshaw (BBC, UK), José Neri (Sociedad Digital de Autores y Editores, Spain), and Hiroshi Yasuda (University of Tokyo, Japan).



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