The Digital Media Project

Results of 7th DMP General Assembly (GA07)

  1. DMP has approved WD 2.0 of Approved Documents (AD) No. 1 to 3 and WD 1.0 of AD No. 4 to 6, Phase II (IDP-2) for Stationary Audio and Video Devices:
  2. DMP has adopted WD 2.0 of Approved Document (AD) No. 7:
  3. DMP has started work on IDP conformance: 
  4. DMP has considered the responses to the Call for Proposals on Mapping of Traditional Rights and Usages to the Digital Space and has added a string of new use cases showing how TRUs can be supported using IDP technologies
  5. DMP has made a thorough revision of the IDP Functions and Requirements document
  6. The DMP work plan has been aligned to GA07 decisions
  7. Read the GA07 resolutions