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Public information on the meeting of the

Ad hoc Group on
Editing Working Draft 1.0 of Interoperable DRM Platform – Phase I
(Las Vegas, NV, USA - 2005/01/10-12)

The Ad hoc Group on editing Working Draft 1.0 of Interoperable DRM Platform – Phase I  established by the 4th DMP General Assembly will hold its meeting on 2005/01/10T09:00-12T18:00 at

Venetian Hotel Phone +1 702 414-1000
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S WWW
Las Vegas, NV 89109    

A pre-meeting at the same venue will be held on 2005/01/09T15:00-18:00.

See below for logistic information. As this is an meeting called to progress editing of the IDP-1 WD 1.0 for submission to the next DMP General Assembly in January 2005 (GA05), participation is restricted to DMP members.

A meeting fee of about 300 USD will be assessed on participants to defray room rental and coffee break expenses.

You are strongly requested to send an email by 10th of December if you wish to attend.


Purpose of the meeting is to produce WD 1.1 of Interoperable DRM Platform Phase I (IDP-1) to be submitted to GA05.


# Agenda item Notes
1 Opening, welcome, logistics 10 January 09:00
2 Roll call  
3 Approval of agenda  
4 Input documents Brief assessment and classification
5 Review and report of current state of ongoing work iStudy of each of the current draft sections of the IDP-1 working draft
6 Update working draft Continue to expand the working draft sections by consideration of input contributions and comments on the current framework, enlarging and completing where possible textual descriptions within each section
7 Approval of WD 1.1 Review of new status of each working draft section and way forward
8 Support of the Import/Export Use Case with WD 1.0 tools  
9 Additional tools required for an IDP-1 toolkit capable of fully supporting the PAV Use Case  
10 IDP-1 Reference software  
11 Recommendations  
12 AOB  
13 Closing  12 January 18:00

Please note: There will be a pre-meeting at the same venue on 2005/01/09T15:00-18:00. The purpose of this is to allow an informal technical discussion directly between members and a chance to consider any issues arising that will require more formal processing in our main meeting.


Meeting venue information

Sunday 09 Room 3103
Monay 10-Wednesday 12 Room 3106

Travel information