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Osaka press release




Osaka press release

Osaka, 15 July 2004 – The international Digital Media Project (DMP) today took the first step toward achieving its goal of delivering comprehensive specifications for a DRM interoperability standard by issuing a Call for Proposals for Portable Audio and Video (PAV) Device solutions. A broad range of both industry and society representatives prepared and agreed to the requirements for such solutions.

Based on this Call for Proposals, the DMP will develop the PAV specification for general release in April 2005. This specification will contain the technical elements that make it possible for the different sectors of the audio and video industry to reap the benefits of interoperable audio and video services.

DMP Vice President, Panasonic’s Executive Technology Officer, Ikuo Minakata, remarked: “Thanks to this DMP Portable Audio and Video Device specification work, PAV Devices are becoming an exciting business opportunity satisfying a demand for legitimate audio and video services”.

DMP recognises the impact that DRM deployment will have on the way users enjoy media. In response, DMP is writing a set of recommendations on how to accommodate Traditional Rights and Usages in the digital space.

Leonardo Chiariglione, DMP President, urged: “It is vital for the success of digital media that the impact of the introduction of new technologies such as DRM be properly considered”.

DMP continues to work toward a comprehensive interoperable DRM platform to extend the benefits of rights-protected digital media to all players in the media distribution value chain. The DRM Interoperability specifications will be published in October 2005. F

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